Dental Implant Management

Dental Implant Management in the Anterior Esthetic Zone

Dr. Karen S McAndrew

Dental implant therapy is more exciting than ever!  Current trends in early and immediate load have made dental implants the treatment of choice with many patients dictating the desire for tooth replacement with dental implants.  Replacement of missing teeth in the anterior esthetic zone is often met with many challenges and very often the practitioner must identify and execute surgical and restorative protocols to create optimal esthetics.  These hard and soft tissue considerations, as well as material selection for the restoration, must be determined before treatment is initiated.  Surgical and Restorative techniques and materials have revolutionized the practice of dentistry and the quality of prosthetic tooth replacement with unmatched esthetics and function. 

Developing a systematic approach to identifying the restorative problems, setting the course for treatment, and communication among the team members is essential in achieving optimal results.  All practitioners must develop this fund of knowledge to allow comprehensive treatment planning and identify appropriate surgical and restorative implant techniques to achieve predictable restorative success to meet the challenges of restoring the anterior esthetic zone.