Provisional Restorations

"Provisional Restorations that Fit, Function and Last"

A Hands-on Experience for Dental Auxiliary

Karen S McAndrew, D.M.D., M.S.

The provisional restoration forms the blueprint for the definitive crown and bridge therapy and is the key to function and esthetic success.  Chairside assistants who are involved with provisional fabrication play an important role in the treatment of crown and bridge patients.  With this in mind, this "hands on" course is designed to provide dental assistants with the skill necessary to fabricate functional and esthetic provisional restorations using a variety of materials and techniques.  Through lecture, discussion and hands-on experience, the diagnostic, therapeutic, and functional goals of provisional restorations will be understood.  Participants will learn the essential fundamentals of fabricating provisional restorations for single crowns and fixed partial dentures.  A number of contemporary provisional materials and techniques will be introduced during the hands-on phase and each participant will experience fabricating, polishing and custom shading of provisional restorations.  These skills will give each participant the ability to enhance their practice by optimizing treatment efficiency, patient satisfaction, and increase case profitability.  Therefore, this course is a must for the chairside assistant who is looking to become a beneficial, key team member for today's dental practice.