Lecture Topics

Looking for a way to build your Implant Practice?  Why not host a continuing education event right in your own backyard!  Build your implant referrals by giving your restorative dentists the tools to understand, implement, and evoke a passion for implant dentistry.  This unique lecture experience will bring your referrals together to learn, through lecture format and/or hands-on instruction, the team approach to implant dentistry.  From treatment planning, to restoration, maintenance, and marketing,  they will learn how to effectively communicate and execute patient care while working with the surgical specialist. Dr. McAndrew has over 16 years of lecture experience helping practices develop their dental implant network.                                                                  

Invite your referrals to this lecture series and establish  a solid foundation for referral protocol while bringing continuing education  to your own personalized setting.  They will appreciate you giving them tools to make implant dentistry more predictable and profitable  while solidifying and growing your surgical relationship.  Call today or refer to our brochure to learn more about sponsoring your own personalized CE event.  

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